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The Debs Co.

The Challenge

The challenge handed to us by The Debs Co. was to create a brand identity from scratch and set up a social media and online presence, including a website. Their main goal was to get recognised as a trustworthy name in the industry in the shortest time possible, and to be able to start organising events and getting word out to potential clients and customers.

The Solution

After a few meetings, we created the brand's logo and agreed upon the most suitable typography and colour palette. After the initial brand identity process, we created social media accounts and a website for The Debs Co., and posted targeted advertisements on each social account, mostly aimed towards a younger audience of mostly students.

The Result

We managed the brand's social media accounts and posted relevant content daily, quickly establishing a follower base of over 20,000 students around Ireland. As a result of the amassed audience and easy-to-use website, the brand's calendar quickly filled with bookings for various events, and their social media engagement remains at an all-time high.

The Debs Co Web Design Fonts
The Debs Co Instagram
The Debs Co Web Design Colours

Theme Design

We created a set of themes for various types of events hosted by The Debs Co, and provided organisation of props, sets and visual design elements, to allow for their audience to be fully immersed at every event.

The Debs Co Web Design Mockup
The Debs Co Website
The Debs Co Web Design Event
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