Diageo Logo


The Challenge

Diageo needed visually appealing product advertisements for placement on their digital screen displays in off-licenses throughout the country. They wanted something that would draw shoppers' attention quickly and effectively, raising brand awareness and also creating an incentive to purchase.

The Solution

We crafted a set of moving product animations centred around each product. Doing this required our team to research the heritage and core message of each sub-brand of Diageo that we worked with. We also ensured that each animation incorporated the correct colour palettes and overall appearance.

The Result

The animated videos we produced were broadcast daily across digital screens in off-licenses across the country. The seasonal-themed videos were also played in tandem with the others when the respective season was approaching. The videos allowed customers to easily see the pricing of each product while browsing.


We used the signature red and white colours from the brand's palette throughout the video design, using a minimalistic background, ice and smoke - all of which remained closely tied to the white of the Smirnoff text within the logo. We also added red as the accent colour.

Smirnoff Bottle with ice


Using the mysterious, elegant look and feel of the baileys brand and bottle, we created a dark, luxurious feeling within the video, highlighted with an accent colour of soft light cream - matching the creamy, softly coloured liquid that's signature to the baileys cream liqueur experience.

Baileys Bottle

Roe & Co.

We got to the roof of what Roe & Co. is all about in the video, using imagery of an Irish bartender pouring a glass, and a simplified drawing of the brewery. We also tied in soft green colour of the brand's logo, contrasted with the darker grey to make the text and background elements stand out.

Roe & Co Bottle


To link up with the orange-mixed cocktail idea that Tanqueray was circulating at the time, we incorporated oranges into the video, nicely contrasted with the green of the bottle and text. We felt this emanated the fun, vibrant feel of the brand and the drink.

Tanqueray No. 10 Bottle
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