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The Challenge

Centra Ireland tasked us with creating animations/videos to showcase their rotating stock of products, food items and offers within each store. Each store contained up to 5 digital screens in which our videos would play in a loop, and they also had screens above their delis which acted as menu boards.

The Solution

We formulated an arrangement in which the most commonly purchased items and deals would be at the forefront of our design elements, and then created multiple 1-minute looping animations for each store, all of which had a 10-second synchronised advert at the end showcasing the brand.

The Result

Going from plain printed menu boards to digital animated boards, the chain were delighted to see an increase in sales in each store while also keeping in date in terms of modern visualisation of their products and what they offer customers. They also found it easier to rotate several offers at a time.

Centra Input Media Screen 1
Centra Input Media Screen 2
Centra Input Media Screen 3
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