Video Marketing

Videos are an easy-to-digest form of content that allow you to share a real-life picture of your brand's message.

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Boost Conversion Rates

A study done by Hubspot shows that video content can increase conversions by up to 80%. Videos are especially effective for people who aren't big readers.

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Gain Brand Trust & Credibility

Videos can perfectly encapsulate your brand's personality using tone, language and imagery, which leads to greater brand trust and credibility, further leading to higher conversions.

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Easily Shareable, Highly Engaging

Especially true in videos containing humour, the shareability factor of a video is much higher than other content formats, giving you potentially huge gains in exposure.

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Simplify & Explain Complex Concepts

Nothing explains tricky concepts better than vocals combined with relevant imagery, which is why 'explainer' videos of products or services do best when it comes to maximising conversion rates.

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Search Engines Love Videos

Being one of the most engaging content formats, search engines love high-content video content and using video effectively can have a hugely positive impact on your SEO.

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